Trevor Chisman - The Massage Specialist

Integrated Sports and Deep Tissue Massage in Glasgow City Centre

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The Glasgow Treatment Rooms - Professional Massage and Osteopathy in Glasgow City Centre
34 West George Street, Second Floor
    Glasgow. G2 1DA

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Trevor Chisman on STV's The Hour
Trevor Chisman appears on STV's The Hour to talk about the benefits of massage

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Fusing traditional & modern massage styles into a unique massage treatment.

My massage treatments weave together ancient and traditional massage techniques with modern science based manual therapy and soft tissue approaches to help you feel less pain and discomfort, more freedom of movement and wonderfully relaxed.

Sports, Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Massage integrated with Traditional Thai, Chinese & Hawaiian Massage techniques.

I draw on ancient techniques such as Traditional Chinese Massage, Thai Massage and Hawaiian Massage. Weaving them together with modern techniques such as Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. I also throw in the occasional Hot Stone, various Passive or Active Stretching Techniques, Joint Movements and Mobilisations, and a Thoughtful Attention to Detail.

Creating a unique and effective massage treatment just for you.

Each session is tailored to you and your needs that day; we could focus on easing aches or pains, improving your flexibility and range of motion, reducing stress and anxiety, and helping you to feel totally relaxed with a greater sense of body awareness.

Whether you prefer a firm, deep massage style or a more gentle, soothing massage: it's no problem. The amount of pressure used during your session is dictated by you. You are always in charge, if the pressure is too deep or too light, just tell me and I'll adjust it accordingly. If anything doesn't feel right, your too hot, too cold or uncomfortable in anyway, speak up! Your comfort and enjoyment is paramount to an effective treatment.

Professional and experienced massage therapist in Glasgow city centre.

I first qualified in 1994 and have 20+ years experience working with a diverse range of clients. I'm passionate about helping you get the best out of your body.

Over the years, I've trained with some of the best educators in the business and I continually strive to improve my knowledge and skills, and your massage experience.

The Glasgow Treatment Rooms. 34 West George Street, Glasgow. G2 1DA

Trevor Chisman The Glasgow Massage Specialist in Glasgow Scotland
Trevor Chisman - The Glasgow Massage Specialist

Come and experience a unique and effective massage in Glasgow!

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