Prices and Payment

I currently offer 60 minute, 90 minute and 120 minute massage appointments.

With a 1 hour massage appointment you can expect roughly 45 minutes of bodywork, with a 1.5 hour session expect roughly 75 minutes on the table and a 2 hour massage appointment you'd expect roughly 105 minutes of bodywork. The remainder of the time is split between consultation/updating, undressing/dressing and 'Movement Improvement' homework.

Duration Cost
1 Hr Massage Appointment £48.00
1.5 Hr Massage Appointment £70.00
2 Hr Massage Appointment £88.00
Payment on the day is by Cash, Card, Gift Voucher or Massage Token.
You can also pre-pay for your appointment online.

Booking your appointment

My massage schedule is available online for you to browse and instantly book your appointment. If you have difficulty using the online schedule, or if you prefer you can contact me by email or telephone to book your appointment but it will take longer to get you booked in.

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Cancellation Policy

  • Please arrive on time for your massage appointment
  • If you arrive late, your massage may still have to end on time
  • If possible, I will over-run to make up your time
  • If I'm running late, I will ensure you receive all your allotted time
  • If you don't attend for your massage appointment, the full fee may be charged
  • If you reschedule or cancel within 24hrs, a £10 fee may be charged
  • I only charge a cancellation fee if your slot isn't filled by someone else
  • Contact me by email as soon as possible if you're unable to keep your appointment

Paying by Debit or Credit Card For Your Massage

I am now able to accept payment at your appointment by either Debit or Credit Card.

Please note: I have been experiencing some issues with clients paying with a NatWest or Royal Bank of Scotland Visa Debit Card.

I use the Paypal Here Card Reader meaning all payments are processed through Paypal. In Europe, Paypal are based in Luxembourg. This means all payments made using my card reader are routed through Luxembourg and are effectively CrossBoarder transactions.

It seems every bank except NatWest and RBS manages to cope with this anomaly easily, realising that both you and I are within the UK and therefor it is a local transaction not an international transaction. NatWest and RBS both see this as an International Transaction and add a Foreign Purchase Fee (FGN PUR FEE) of 2.75% to the total before the payment comes out of your bank account.

This is not an additional Paypal fee or an additional fee added by myself but is purely down to how NatWest and RBS are currently dealing with Visa Debit Card payments made through Paypal Europe.

Until this situation changes, if you bank with either NatWest or RBS, I advise you to withdraw cash from an ATM before your appointment and avoid any additional bank charges.

Please let me know if you've noticed any additional charges in relation to payments made to me via my Paypal card reader or any similar issues with other bank debit cards or credit cards.

Pre-Pay For Your Massage

You can pay for a massage you have already booked or received using the Paypal buttons below.

These Paypal Buttons aren't for purchasing Gift Vouchers.
Please visit my Massage Gift Voucher page to buy Gift Vouchers.

Please remember to include details of the appointment you're paying for in the "Instructions to merchant" box provided at checkout.

1 Hr Massage Payment

1.5 Hr Massage Payment

2 Hr Massage Payment