Hi, I'm Trevor Chisman, a professional sports and deep tissue massage therapist with 25 years experience helping people feel and move better. I also own and run The Glasgow Treatment Rooms a massage clinic in Glasgow city centre.

Feeling tight and sore, recovering from injury or surgery, or need to relax and chill; a great massage could be just the ticket.

Over the years I've massaged thousands of clients: from pro athletes, dancers and singers to company directors, office workers, postmen and firemen. People from all walks of life rely on massage to ease their aches and pains. 18 or 80, age doesn't matter, massage can help you feel better.

I regularly help clients with:

Whether you want a one off massage, series of treatments or to make massage a regular healthy habit, I'm sure I can help you feel better!

My particular style of massage has evolved over many years and weaves techniques from many schools of massage into a slow, firm pressure massage with some movement and stretching.

I don't balance Chakras or swing crystals, I understand massage from a scientific perspective. I use research and evidence to improve the effectiveness of my massage sessions and I explain pain from a neuroscience view point.

Helping you learn about your body and giving you tools to improve the way you feel is a crucial aspect of my massage treatments.

I will:

  1. Provide you with an effective, first class massage treatment.
  2. Give your body a gentle nudge in the right direction with passive stretches.
  3. Help you discover problematic movement habits and help you change them.
  4. Answer all your questions with the best advice I have available.
  5. Explain everything I'm doing in easy to understand language.
  6. Give you movement ideas to help maintain and continue the work we've done.

I'm here to help you.

Trevor Chisman The Massage Specialist
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Trevor is an absolute genius! His knowledge and skills are phenomenal, and I always feel totally transformed after just one hour. Trevor is so personable and professional that he makes you feel completely at ease. He is clearly very passionate about his work and he takes great care to mindfully diagnose and address any problem areas, offering very helpful (and interesting) guidance and advice throughout.

Trevor has world class expertise and I can't recommend him highly enough. Suffice to say; I wouldn't consider going for massage anywhere else.

- Caroline