Massage Can Ease Discomfort

How deep is deep tissue massage?

Have you heard all the scary stories of deep tissue massage being really painful or even leaving bruises the next day?

I'm not that kind of therapist!

I only ever work as deep as my client wants and is comfortable with.

If I think it will be helpful to work a bit deeper, I'll always check you're OK with an increase in pressure and I'll constantly be checking in with you that the pressure is comfortable.

Sometimes, it is good and helpful to work deeply, but it's important that deep work is applied with precision and attention rather than random brute force for the sake of it.

I believe there are usually better ways to get great results than just applying maximum pressure throughout a massage session.

As the client you can always ask for the pressure to be changed for whatever reason.

Saying that, if you're after a brute force deep tissue massage that hurts, I'm not the therapist for you.

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