Massage Helps You Feel Better

Do I need to undress for my massage?

What to take off

Being comfortable during your massage is the most important factor.

Before I leave you to prepare for the massage, I'll let you know what clothes it's most helpful for me if you remove.

For example, if we're working on your upper body, I may suggest you remove the upper part of your clothing and your shoes.

If like many clients you're actually more comfortable on the couch having removed your trousers or skirt, that's totally fine, you're always draped with a sheet.

On the other hand, if you'd prefer to keep all your clothing on, that's also OK.

I'll work out a way to give you an effective massage treatment whatever you keep on or take off.

You are always draped with a sheet during your massage and only the area being worked is uncovered at any one time.


Many clients who lead very sports and exercise based lifestyles like to change into shorts for the massage.

This is totally fine if it's what makes you feel comfortable.

The one advantage of shorts is they allow for more scope when doing assisted stretches.

What's best for massage

The absolute best thing to wear for massage is swimming briefs.

For men, Speedo style swimming trunks and for women bikini type briefs.

The great thing about swimming briefs is they're designed to be worn in public areas and generally provide great intimate cover.

Read my 2014 blog post on undressing for massage.

What to keep on

For the very very small minority of clients for whom this actually is a questions, here goes.

Whatever the level of comfort you decide is best for you during your massage, you do need to keep your underpants on.

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