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Do I need to undress for my massage?

If you've never had a massage before or if it's your first massage with a new therapist it can be a little nerve-racking wondering what it'll be like.

Some common questions revolve around getting undressed:

  • How should I undress?
  • How much will the therapist ask me to take off?
  • Will the therapist stay in the room?
  • Should I bring shorts?
  • If you're just having a back massage, Should I take my trousers off?
  • If you're a woman, Should I keep my bra on or take it off?
  • Can I keep my socks on?

This is how I work, every therapist and clinic is different but, you should still find this applies for the majority of massage/bodywork establishments that you might visit.

The most important thing is you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. If you're not then the massage is unlikely to be as enjoyable and effective as it could be. So only undress to a level you are comfortable with, there is absolutely no pressure for you to undress any further than that.

The majority of the massage techniques I use are performed directly on the skin. I'll let you know you what clothes it would be most helpful for you take off. For example, if we're running through a full body massage, I'll ask you to undress to your underwear. If we're just working upper or lower body, I'll only ask you to remove the relevant clothing such as your top or your trousers, tights, dress or skirt. Many clients still prefer to undress to their underwear even if not getting a full body massage as they feel more comfortable on the massage couch.

I always give you time alone in the room to undress and dress again afterwards. I always knock before entering the room and if you need more time you can just tell me to wait.

For women, the question of whether or not to take off their bra is a totally personal one. Most clients will remove their bra for the treatment whilst some will chose to keep it on. If you are going to keep your bra on I will need to unclasp it when working through the back area, I will always ask your permission before doing this.

Should you bring shorts? Clients who are sporty will sometimes bring shorts to wear during the treatment, this isn't necessary but if you feel more comfortable this way please feel free to wear them.

What's best for massage

Strangely, swimming costumes are perfect for massage. Why? Because they are designed to be worn around oily skin such as sun lotion and they provide great personal cover. For men, speedo style swimming trunks, not Hawaiian surfing shorts! For women, the bikini briefs, not an all-in-one costume.

You are covered by a large sheet when first getting on the table and this sheet is used to cover you for the whole treatment and only the body part being worked on is uncovered at any one time.

What to keep on

You'd be surprised some of the strange things we get asked as massage therapists. So for the very very very small minority of clients for whom this actually is a question, here goes.

Whatever the level of comfort you decide is best for you during your massage, you need to wear pants during your session.

Still have questions?

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