Simple and Enjoyable Healthcare

Will you diagnose my problem?

No, massage therapists can't and don't diagnose any illness, disease or condition.

During your session, I listen to your story, history and the details of your problem, I also take notice of how you move and sit.

This all helps me to piece together what I think might be causing your problem and to develop a plan that I feel will be effective for helping you feel better.

I usually ask lots of questions and then I'll discuss what I think would be the best way forward to help you feel better. This isn't and shouldn't be seen as a diagnoses of any condition, they are observations that help me give you the best treatment.

If you feel you have a issue that needs a medical diagnoses you should visit a medical professional such as a GP or Physiotherapist.

Still have questions?

You can fire me a quick message or email from the Contact Me page.

I promise I'll get back to you with an answer as quickly as my schedule allows, usually within 24 hours.