Lets get moving

Do you give out exercises?

Yes, I can give out movement ideas and suggestions to help get and keep you moving and out of pain.

All the movement and exercise suggestions are taken from Sustainable Yoga. Don't worry I'm not going to send you away with a yoga sequence for homework, unless of course you want me to?

The movements and exercises I tend to give out are essentially foundational pre-requisites exercises rather than sequences.

I've been doing Yoga since 2010 and recently qualified as a teacher in Sustainable Yoga. I also trained as a free weights instructor with NABBA (National Amateur BodyBuilders Association) way back in 1989 and have been doing Tai Chi and Chi Gung for many years.

Hopefully you'll find the answer you need amongst these question, if not fire me a quick email from the Contact Me page.

I'll get back to you with an answer as quickly as my schedule allows.