Massage - A Tool For Health

What happens when I arrive?

Client intake form

You'll receive an email with instructions on how to access and complete your client intake form when you book your appointment.

Please make sure you complete your form by the evening before your appointment so I have plenty of time to review it before your session.

Finding the clinic

I'm located at 34 West George Street on the stretch between Mandela Place and George Square, next door to Laura Ashley.

I'm on the 2nd floor, there are stairs and a lift.

When you get to the 2nd Floor you'll see a big sign for The Glasgow Treatment Rooms and a door to the waiting area.

Come in to the waiting area, press the button next to my name and take a seat, I'll come and get you shortly.

In the treatment room

Once in the treatment room, if needed I'll clarify anything relevant on your intake form and we can have a quick chat about your goals for the massage.

Depending on you're goals, we may do a couple of visual posture and movement assessments at this stage.

I'll run through an plan for your massage and check you're ok with everything we've discussed.

I'll make sure you know to communicate to me if you're uncomfortable, too hot or cold, need to move or want the pressure adjusted.

Preparing for the massage

I'll let you know what clothing would be helpful for you to remove.

You only need to undress (or not) to a level that's comfortable for you.

Next, I'll leave the room for you to get yourself prepared and get on the massage table, I'll give instructions on how to lie on the massage table.

After a few minutes, I'll knock and check you're ready before re-entering the room.

The end of the massage

I'll let you know once the massage is finished and leave the room giving you time to get up and dressed.

Again, I'll knock and check you're dressed before re-entering the room.

I offer everyone a glass of water at the end of a massage, don't feel obliged to take it, I'm not going to launch into a crazy speech about drinking 6 litres of water to flush out toxins.

Discussing the session

I'll check you're happy with how the session went and the areas we worked.

If appropriate I may offer suggestions to help you identify any aggravating posture or movement habits.

If you've requested movement ideas or exercises to help get and keep you moving, I'll show you these now.

I'll give some advice on what you may feel after the session and over the following days.

Finishing up

If you feel the session has been helpful you're welcome to rebook an appointment.

You can rebook your appointment at the end of your session if you want but I'm not going to pester you to rebook there and then!

I usually encourage you to wait a few days at least before making the decision to book a further appointment.

Lastly, I'll ask how you'd like to pay. I take cash and credit/debit cards.

Still have questions?

You can fire me a quick message or email from the Contact Me page.

I promise I'll get back to you with an answer as quickly as my schedule allows, usually within 24 hours.