Massage Can Improve Sleep

Will my massage be painful?

Have you heard stories that sports or deep tissue massage can be painful?

There is growing association that the more painful a massage is the better the results will be. This really isn't true.

Sure you may get positive results from a painful massage but you would have got just as good if not better results from a less painful, more enjoyable massage.

Massage is most effective when you're relaxed and comfortable, I aim to be effective whilst still allowing you to relax during your massage.

I often refer to what I call a person's Satisfaction Level. This is the amount of pressure that feels like it's doing something but also still feels good.

People often make comments like "It's sore but it feels good" or "good pain". It's a little like a feeling of soreness and relief at the same moment.

It should always feel helpful. If your massage doesn't feel right for whatever reason you should tell the therapist straight away.

During my massage sessions I will:

  • Always adjust my pressure when asked.
  • Regularly check with you that the pressure is OK.
  • Never say you need to take more pressure than you want.

Remember, massage is all about making you feel better, not worse.

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