Massage Can Improve Wellbeing

Will massage work for me?

That's a very hard question to answer?

The quick and simple answer is: Probably, Maybe, I don't know and neither will you until you try it.

The long answer is, it very much depends on a multitude of factors some of which I've listed below.

  • What is the issue?
  • What has caused the issue?
  • Is the issue caused by a regular habit?
  • Are you willing and able to change that habit?
  • Is the therapist knowledgable about the issue or condition?
  • Is the massage appropriate for the problem?
  • Has massage previously worked for you?
  • Do you feel comfortable during the session?
  • Do you like and trust the therapist?
  • Do you think massage will be helpful?
  • Have you had previous bad massage experiences?

Ultimately, the only way to know would be to try it and see.

If you've already tried one massage therapist and it's not been helpful it can be worth trying someone different as we all have different skills and knowledge.

Still have questions?

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