New here? Keep reading! The following instructions are important.

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Using the online schedule


  • 60 Minute Session: £50
  • 90 Minute Session: £75
  • 120 Minute Session: £95

The calendar

  • GREY date squares DON'T have any appointments available.
  • WHITE date squares DO have appointments available.
  • The BLUE date square is the selected date and the times shown are for that date.

Booking your appointment

  • Don't just click one of the time slots displayed when the page first loads.
  • First select a date for your appointment by clicking a date square in the calendar.
  • Only then select your time slot by clicking on your chosen time.
  • If no times are displayed, then no appointments are available for that date.


After Booking

  • Check your confirmation email once you've booked to verify all the appointment details are correct.
  • If this is your first appointment, you'll get another email with details on filling out an online intake form.
  • You should complete your intake form by the morning of your appointment so I can review it before your come in.

Online Payments

  • You can pay for your massage when booking your appointment.
  • I use Stripe to process online payments.
  • You can also pay at your appointment with cash, card or phone.
  • Payment for massage packages is taken online when signing up for the package.