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Nerve Flossing for Back and Legs

We roughly have 45 miles of nerves running through our bodies, these nerves can easily become compressed, squashed or stuck as they travel around joints, bones and organs, burrowing their way through muscle, fascia, ligaments and tendons to arrive at their destinations. This can often make these nerves feel extremely "cranky" and irritable.

Nerve Flossing is a simple technique that's used to help give your nerves more freedom within the surrounding soft tissues they must navigate. As each nerve runs a pretty similar route through everyone there are specific movements and techniques that are focused on each nerve.

Below you'll find some excellent videos from Brian Abelson at Kinetic Health which discuss nerve flossing in more detail and walk you through the movements for different nerves of the spine, pelvis and lower limbs.

Nerve Flossing - Spinal Cord and Sciatic Nerve

Nerve Flossing - Saphenous Nerve

Nerve Flossing - Femoral Nerve 1

Nerve Flossing - Femoral Nerve 2

Nerve Flossing - Tibial Nerve

Nerve Flossing - Peroneal Nerve

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